First blog post…

So yeah, entering the world of blogs..

An altogether different feeling to be a part of the bloggers community, where you can just be you – only you and your thoughts and your words.. straight from your mind and your heart… and nobody else to intervene! 😉

PS : This blog is merely my own thoughts coming out. It’s upto you how you take it : you may take it as something mentally strong or an emotional one or I might be praised or criticised for writing them down but that really depends on your own thinking. I hope my words, my thoughts about my experiences don’t hurt anyone because they are not intended to.

Thank you for being here.

Much love.


6 thoughts on “First blog post…

    1. Hello Aieshi, glad to hear that you have nominated me for the challenge. I would love to take that up and be posting on my blog in a few days! (I need to think a few more points about myself, though! Haha)

      PS : I am exactly the same person as you have mentioned about yourself in Points 2 and 4. So a big High five 🙌🏻 for that.

      Take care.


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