Things 2017 made me learn.

Okay, so it can be quite a difficult task to actually have to pen down what exactly did the year – which is coming to an end , made you learn.

But, as writing makes you feel good and lighter – let’s just do it , so that in the coming years when you look back, you’ll have a sneak-peek of what the past years have made you learn and have helped you grow and evolve as a better human.

So, shall we go ahead ?

Whilst, the lessons in life are never ending because our life is a learning curve! We all, as humans learn from our mistakes.

So here it goes..

  • What tops my list is that life doesn’t really go according to our plans. Yes, at the beginning of each year – you make plans, you make resolutions but how many of you have actually been able to achieve those resolutions in the same way as you planned it to be ? I doubt – not everybody does.
  • People come into your life for a reason. This year has taught me how to let go of people, feelings, friendships and so much more. Even though I still care , but I had to learn that you can’t force anybody to stay in your life forever. Even the close ones don’t stay forever!

Nothing ever leaves, until it teaches what you need to know.

– Pema Chodron

  • People change. They really do. Their personality switches as soon as they switch their environment.. and in the end, it doesn’t even matter to them!
  • The line – “Silence speaks louder than words” did make an entry into my life this year. I learned it’s better to have your mouth shut than to say something violent – which people will not eventually pay any heed to. There were times, when I just felt like screaming out loud – but it’s of no use, literally. Better not ruin your mouth for somebody else’s fault. Maintain your dignity.

  • Your kindness might sometimes get misunderstood for your weakness. Be careful.

  • Bad days will come, for sure. Learn to be strong enough to face them. Life’s a learning curve, isn’t it ?
  • The moment people get to know of your disabilities, all the focus tends to shift from your capabilities, your positive qualities to just the negative ones! Well, that is what you call the society’s way of thinking.
  • Tolerance. I learned to tolerate people. You can’t change anybody. You can only control yourself, your actions, your behaviours! All you can do is just being you. Let the world adjust.
  • Some paths – you have take alone. Learn to be alone. It’s really difficult. But we have got no choice, when the world turns it’s back towards us.
  • I used to be a negative person at times though, but circumstances and experiences made me see the positive side of everything.

There’s a lot more I have learnt, so I would only like to say that the list above is not exhaustive.

Now may I know what have you all learnt this year ?! 😉


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