Drinking ? Sorry not sorry.

Yeah, I am 23 and you heard that right – I don’t drink. It could be baffling how at this age, people would alienate each other for drinking. The tables have turned. At every party or a gathering (including the family gatherings by my own drinker relatives!) , I am being judged more for not drinking than I’ve ever judged anyone till date.

So what made me think about it ?

Recently, there was a marriage in the family and you see at the family marriage functions, the cocktail parties and all and even at the parties with your best pals – there’s a kind of prefixed assumption that if you don’t drink – you simply don’t belong there!

I don’t abstain from alcohol because it can get pricey.

I don’t abstain from drinking because I think it’s bad.

I don’t think anyone who drinks is a bad person!

It’s just my choice. Don’t we have the right to choose, what we want ? So why is it that I am being judged for not drinking ?

Well, people simply don’t understand.

I am being misunderstood but I can understand myself. It seems as if people feel sorry for me for not drinking with them, but does that really make sense ?

If I don’t judge you for your drinking habits, then why do I have to be judged for not drinking ?! We are what our choices make us, for we all have the right to choose!