A Second chance

What if, you could go back in time and re-experience a certain event of your life once again..

Sounds achievable, isn’t it ?

Not really.

Of late, I’ve already committed a lot of mistakes. And I say that with pride, no hesitation, because I believe making mistakes is a part of being human. It defines who we are and is indeed an essential part of our lives.

My mind was constantly pre-occupied with panic stricken what-ifs.

If only I knew, it only worsened my already worsening anxiety…

It felt so right.

If only I wish, I knew what was wrong…

Being familiar with the saying – “What matters now, may not matter as much in the future” , because life goes on, and so shall we.

It’s easy to start to feel hopeless and terribly alone in a world so closed up and filled with hatred and anger. It’s hard to get a second chance – to prove that you’re a good person, that you can handle responsibility and challenges that may be others might or might not be able to deal with in the same way you want to.

I firmly believe everyone in this world deserves a second chance, with quite a few exceptions though. Not because, they shall be forgiven but because mistakes help people grow. Without them, people won’t ever improve. So many of us mess up in our lives.

A second chance extended to another person is also a second chance for us. We shall not limit our potential by closing our minds to the possibility of change.

If you give them a chance to stand on their own two feet, it could make them realise that they’re loved and are cared for!