Our bad mental habits…

Our bad mental habits, cost us a lot more than we can ever imagine.

By bad mental habits, I don’t mean some kind of actual bad stuff, addictions or anything which you might be wondering, right now.

But, to be precise, the unhealthy beliefs..

The unhealthy beliefs about ourselves, the unhealthy beliefs about others and the unhealthy beliefs about the world…

We all live in this little space around us, which can either be beautiful or hideous, depending on our mental habits.

It’s common for each one of us to complain about our enemies, to get jealous of their success, thinking ‘Why do they have all the luck in this world ?’ . No matter how hard we try, we really can’t stop thinking that way, right? In fact, it can make you feel much better, if I am not wrong.

It’s okay to feel sorry about yourself, but it’s not okay to give those thoughts the power to let you down..

When you get belittled by somebody in your life,it’s okay to feel hurt, to cry out loud, but it’s not okay to give them the power to hurt you everytime. Maybe, they aren’t the best people on this earth ? – Nobody’s perfect though. Even you are also not.

We as humans, have got the power to control only one person in our lives and that is our own self. It is only when you truly love yourself, just the way you are, you’ ll be the happiest.

The only person, to whom we can compare ourselves is the person we were yesterday!