What it’s like being in the early 20’s ?

It is that time of your life, where on one side you feel your life is completely messed up and on the other side seems so lovely, beautiful and fascinating at the same time..

They say, maturity comes on achieving the age of 18, but it’s easier said than done!

Sure, everyone is mature in their own sense by the time they become adults, but the real maturity kicks in when you face challenges in life and by the age of 22 or 23 , I believe most of us have gone through quite a few challenges which show you the true meaning of life!

It is by this time, you realise life is not only about being happy but facing the bad times with positivity. You realise, optimism is the key to happiness..

It is by this time, most of us have had a very interesting phases of our relationships, we have been in true love which make us feel on cloud nine at some point but it is also by this time some of us have gone through real relationship challenges which can make you feel nugatory!

It is by this time, you start to accept the bitter truths of life..

You realise, your parents are also ageing and you feel the urge to spend quality time with your family!

You realise, you need to be independent of others, for it’s only you who is responsible for your own destiny!

You realise, you have grown up and are no more a kid!

It is by this time, you have to accept failure as a part of your life, no wonder how intelligent you are..

You start to worry about your career, your jobs and having a secure and happy future for your own family! You start to feel responsible towards life..

You meet new people on your journey, and you realise everyone you meet has some lesson in store for you..

Also, it is by this time, you feel the need to be a little adventurous about life..It’s all about time…


A Second chance

What if, you could go back in time and re-experience a certain event of your life once again..

Sounds achievable, isn’t it ?

Not really.

Of late, I’ve already committed a lot of mistakes. And I say that with pride, no hesitation, because I believe making mistakes is a part of being human. It defines who we are and is indeed an essential part of our lives.

My mind was constantly pre-occupied with panic stricken what-ifs.

If only I knew, it only worsened my already worsening anxiety…

It felt so right.

If only I wish, I knew what was wrong…

Being familiar with the saying – “What matters now, may not matter as much in the future” , because life goes on, and so shall we.

It’s easy to start to feel hopeless and terribly alone in a world so closed up and filled with hatred and anger. It’s hard to get a second chance – to prove that you’re a good person, that you can handle responsibility and challenges that may be others might or might not be able to deal with in the same way you want to.

I firmly believe everyone in this world deserves a second chance, with quite a few exceptions though. Not because, they shall be forgiven but because mistakes help people grow. Without them, people won’t ever improve. So many of us mess up in our lives.

A second chance extended to another person is also a second chance for us. We shall not limit our potential by closing our minds to the possibility of change.

If you give them a chance to stand on their own two feet, it could make them realise that they’re loved and are cared for!