Differentiating being hurt and being heart-broken.

Yes, I said that right.

There’s a whole lot of difference just between these two simple words that only a few people could understand.

Is it being hurt that makes you a better and a stronger person or is it being heart-broken that makes you so ?

Have you ever imagined the difference these two words have among them ?

No. you haven’t. Because maybe you’re not heart-broken till date. But the reality is, you haven’t faced those bad times in your life, those events that can put a deep wound into your heart as if you have been stabbed with a knife right away.

Being hurt is what each one of us has to go through in our every day lives, but being heart-broken is what a few people go through a few times in life. Yes, I mean it.

You get slapped by somebody, you get kicked in your tummy by somebody, you hear bad words at your back about yourself by your enemies or may be even the closed ones, somebody ditched a meeting with you – you say I AM HURT !

But have you ever imagined the pain of a knife being stabbed deep into your heart, which is not actually a knife but something which really cannot be described with so much of ease? Those feelings, those emotions, those devastating moments just cannot be described so easily, but the pain is real.  This is when you’re HEART-BROKEN.

Being hurt can heal you within hours or days or may be even weeks. But, trust me – being heart-broken takes months or years for you to heal and there are chances that even after you heal completely, that heart-wrenching unexpected event will still be afresh in your mind as if it happened only yesterday because this is something – you remember your entire life.

Being hurt may or may not teach you a lesson, but being heart-broken will surely teach you the best lessons of life.

Remember, it’s the words that hurt but it’s the actions that leave you heart-broken.